Thermal monitoring services

Our company provides comprehensive thermal imaging monitoring services, which includes the supply of equipment, its assembly and programming, as well as employee training in the option of providing control service.

Thermovision in the fight against COVID-19

Measuring body temperature is the easiest way to detect fever. One of the best way to quickly and accurately measure in populated areas are cameras with the thermovision function.

In recent weeks, the topic has become extremely popular in connection with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In places where a large number of people have contact, it is very easy to get infected with coronavirus. One of the most common symptoms of which is the elevated body temperature. Infrared cameras do not protect against infection, but they are a good preventive measure that allows you to quickly eliminate a potential threat.

Risk minimization

Large and smaller companies cannot afford long-term downtime, generating huge losses, caused for example by quarantining the plant or employees who may have had contact with an infected person. Therefore, we offer you a solution, which is mass measurement of employees body temperature, which will minimize the risk of virus appearance in your company.

Real-time measurement

Cameras with the function of detecting up to 30 faces at the same time are usually mounted at the entrance to the object. The measurement takes place without contact, from a distance of min. meter, and the result in a split second is compared with the threshold set earlier. If it is exceeded, an alarm is triggered which indicates to the system operator a person with exceeded allowable temperature. Do not be afraid of distortions associated with, for example, holding a hot drink – the camera focuses only on the face. If a person with a fever is detected, implement safety procedures prepared for this situation as soon as possible.

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